For Adult Incontinence, Bleached Cotton Can Be Trusted

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Trust. For adult incontinence products, it simply has to start with that word. And no fiber is trusted more by consumers than bleached (purified) cotton. According to this 2012 article on, there are consumer-driven numbers that back up this obvious preference.

Truth In Very High Numbers

The article noted how Cotton Incorporated conducted consumer research in the U.S., along with guidance from the National Association For Continence. They found that 95% of disposable absorbent products users aren’t even aware that cotton is absent from the products they’re utilizing for bladder control. And 61% percent said they’d rather these products be made of cotton, while 78% said they’d actually be willing to pay more to get it. Of course, other stats tell us emphatically what we already know, and have covered here many times before: between two-thirds and three-fourths of these consumers associate cotton with some of its strongest attributes: softness (74%), comfort (71%), absorbency (68%) and skin irritation prevention (68%). Obviously, this hammers home how consumer-preferred bleached cotton is.

That Last Stat is A Key One

Much like with baby diapers, adult incontinence demands a fiber that is inherently hypoallergenic. For those with sensitive skin in their most sensitive areas, the usage of bleached cotton becomes even more critical. The beauty of bleached cotton is that you also have options. If you have extremely sensitive skin, and have bladder control issues that demand protective wear such as absorbent products, pesticide-free and organic cotton is always an option. Though labels can be deceiving, keeping an eye out for the Seal of Cotton will ensure you’re getting a product that contains 100% cotton, organic or not.

Bleached Cotton (Purified Cotton) Has Other Perfect Traits, Too

Though cotton is naturally hypoallergenic—which helps prevent that skin irritation—another trait that shouldn’t be underestimated is how soft it is. When it comes to incontinence, comfort is key. Beyond being breathable, it’s also quieter. While protection and comfort are probably more important, that final fact shouldn’t be overlooked, because it takes us back to the word we started this article with: trust.

With adult incontinence products, trust and dignity are always intertwined. For consumers, those two words go hand-in-hand. In the end, making a consumer comfortable is always rewarding. On a subject as touchy as this one, it’s even more so.

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