Barnhardt Wins Cotton Inc. Award

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During the recent World of Wipes (WOW) Conference held in Atlanta, Jan O’Regan, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Cotton Incorporated, presented Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group with an award recognizing Barnhardt’s contribution in developing purified cotton as a natural fiber for non-wovens around the globe.

Lewis Barnhardt (President/COO), Ginny Casstevens (Director of Sales & Marketing Nonwoven Fibers), Chuck Allen (Director of Product Development) & George Hargrove (Vice President Sales & Marketing) were all in attendance for Barnhardt.

The company also introduced their new Purified Cotton campaign to the market during the WOW Conference. Barnhardt has provided purified cotton to the market for almost 100 years, spearheading innovations in process enhancements and finished product attributes for the ever-changing requirements of non-woven fabrics.

Barnhardt continues to develop and improve products such as their High Q Ultra, HyDri, and HiLoft to meet consumer and partners’ expectations.

Cotton Inc Award