​Barnhardt Purified Cotton Team Attends WOW 2017

Barnhardt Purified Cotton attended the 2017 World of Wipes Conference

Ginny Casstevens, Chuck Allen, Levin Lynch, and George Hargrove all attended the recent World of Wipes Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Grand Old Opryland Resort was the host site to almost 500 attendees at this year’s conference. It was another outstanding INDA event.

2nd Qtr. 2017 Cotton Economic Forecast

Barnhardt Cotton discusses the 2017 Cotton Economic Forecast

Thus far in 2017, cotton prices have increased versus year ago or even two years ago prices, but are very comparable to 2014 prices. So the question becomes, why have cotton prices increased in 2017? As is usually the case, the answer comes back to supply and demand, or is it supply and perceived demand? […]

Barnhardt’s UltraClean ® Cotton Products Are Now BioPreferred ®

Barnhardt Cotton's Ultraclean comber is now biopreferred®!

At Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group, we enjoy getting emails from the USDA. When they get in touch it’s usually for a specific reason: to let us know one of our products can now use the USDA-certified Biobased Product Label. In their latest communication, the USDA let us know that our UltraClean ® Comber and UltraClean ® Organic […]

INDEX 2017 Recap

Barnhardt Cotton at the INDEX 2017 Conference

The Barnhardt Purified Cotton™ team attended the INDEX 2017 Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, April 4–7. Lewis Barnhardt, President/COO, Tom Robinson, Director of Operations, George Hargrove, VP Sales & Marketing, Ginny Casstevens, Director of Cotton Fiber Sales for Nonwovens, and Levin Lynch, Purified Cotton Sales, all attended the conference, representing Barnhardt.

Glyphosate in Cotton Fibers


There have been some concerns in traditional media and social media channels regarding glyphosate contained in cotton products (and even some that have no cotton) going into consumer product channels. To set the record straight, we’ll start by explaining exactly what glyphosate is, and whether or not it is present in cotton fibers.

Once Again, Research Shows Cotton Is Consumer-Preferred


While we’re certainly making plenty of contributions to the Internet’s ever-growing library of cotton information, we’re still always keeping an eye out for other articles extolling the benefits of cotton. From Cotton Inc. to Cotton Grower, there are a variety of resources we rely on to stay abreast of cotton trends. So imagine our surprise […]

2016 IDEA Conference Recap

The Barnhardt Natural Fibers team was in Boston for the 2016 IDEA Conference sponsored by INDA. INDA reports that there was record attendance for the tradeshow with over 7,000 registrants (6% increase over the last conference in 2013) and 555 exhibitors (a 15% increase).

Meet the Barnhardt Purified Cotton™ Symbol

how to find purified cotton products

In Spring 2015, we launched a public education campaign to call out questionable claims being made by synthetic fibers. We realized that the marketplace had gotten confusing for consumers of personal care, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence products. Consumers want all natural products, and they also want those products to be safe and pure. Although […]

Barnhardt 4th Quarter 2015 Cotton Report

Cotton field in summer

As the Northern Hemisphere begins harvesting its cotton crops, economists and speculators around the world are evaluating data as it comes in daily. In this blog, we attempt to summarize the realities of what experts from around the globe feel are the short term and long term impacts for global stocks, new crop data, and demand […]