Protect Yourself and the Planet With Natural Hygiene Products

Only a few years ago, companies that created natural, environmentally friendly hygiene products were few and far between, but there’s been a steady upward trend in consumer preference towards these types of products. Natural hygiene products are no longer niche and demand for them is higher than ever. At Barnhardt Purified Cotton, we are pleased […]

Trends in Baby Care

As parents grow increasingly concerned over baby health and hygiene, and birth rates continue to rise in emerging economies, the baby care market is growing—and growing fast. In 2019, it was valued at $5.7 billion globally. Not only is this market growing, but it’s also changing. Millennial parents have created an unprecedented demand for safe […]

How Cotton Is Used in Healthcare Applications

How Cotton Is Used In Healthcare Applications

Cotton has a number of properties that make it well-suited to the healthcare industry. It is soft, absorbent, and hypoallergenic, and it responds well to all three major sterilization methods (steam, ethylene oxide, and gamma radiation). Today, we’ll take a look at the role of cotton in today’s medicine and healthcare fields, examining why this […]

Plant-based Ingredients Increasing Role in Nonwovens

“Nonwovens” is a term used to refer to fabrics that are neither woven nor knitted, but rather bonded together by various chemical and mechanical treatments. These fabrics are specially engineered by entangling fiber or filaments mechanically, thermally, or chemically. Nonwovens have a number of applications in fields such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, farming, […]

The History of Tampons

The History of Tampons

For ages, women have preferred tampons over other menstrual products because of their ease, convenience, and comfort. In fact, the average woman uses as many as 16,800 tampons over the course of her lifetime. Yet few people know the history of this important product; let’s take a closer look. 

Bleached Cotton Is Purified Cotton

Bleached Cotton Is Purified Cotton

Cotton does not come off the plant ready for commercial use. Rather, it must go through an intensive cleaning and purification process before it is suitable for us in nonwoven applications such as baby wipes, diapers and feminine hygiene products.. In order to rid cotton of potentially hazardous molds, fungi, bacteria, and other contaminants, it […]

Blockchain, Transparency, and the Future of Nonwovens

Blockchain, Transparency, and the Future of Nonwovens

Sir Francis Bacon was the first person attributed with saying, “Knowledge is power.” What was true in 1597 is certainly even truer still today! The fact that knowledge is power is no more evident than what we witness in the buying behavior of today’s consumer. With the universe of information in the palms of our […]

The Eco-Friendliness of Hydrogen Peroxide

The Eco-Friendliness of Hydrogen Peroxide

People expect their cotton to be white. In fact, they want it very white, especially when it’s used in medical and nonwoven hygiene products. You may already be picturing a cotton ball, a baby wipe, or cotton rounds used for removing makeup. Many of us don’t realize that cotton isn’t ultra-white in the field. In […]

Three Products Perfectly Suited for Organic Cotton

Though organic cotton has a long way to go before it replaces conventional cotton, it’s been riding the organic wave that was started in the fruit and vegetable section of your local grocery store. While consumers mostly come into contact with organic cotton in their clothing, organic cotton is slowly moving into the consumer products […]

Why Purified Cotton Is So Popular in Baby Products

Purified Cotton in Baby Products

All over the world, mothers of newborns are very sensitized to the ingredients being used in anything they use with their babies, whether it’s the food and formula they consume, the soaps and lotions they use to keep their babies clean and soft, or other baby products like diapers and wipes.