Debunking Myths About Cotton Sustainability

Despite being a highly sustainable crop, cotton is often misunderstood. Some claim that growing cotton uses too much water, pesticides, and energy, while taking land away from food crops and reducing air quality. The truth is, none of these things are true anymore thanks to the advent of modern farming techniques and practices—but the cotton […]

Purified Cotton Fiber Is GMO-Free After Scouring And Purification

There are two main varieties of genetically engineered cotton. The first variety is designed to resist Monsanto’s Roundup, a glyphosate-based herbicide, while the second is designed to stimulate the plant’s production of toxins, which kill the bollworm (cotton’s primary pest). It is important to understand the implications of genetically modified (GM) cotton compared to non-GM […]

Types of Cotton

Types of Cotton

There are different types of cotton that are grown around the world, all of which have been in circulation in a variety of products to improve the human condition since ancient times. Types of cotton are primarily known by their different species, grown everywhere from the USA and Central America to South America, India and […]