The Evolution of Cotton – Part Two

The Evolution of Cotton, part two

In part one of this series on the evolution of cotton, we explored how a fiber with origins traced to multiple ancient civilizations has firmly established itself as a global […]

The Evolution of Cotton – Part One

The Evolution of Cotton, Part One

Cotton–there’s nothing quite like it. It’s soft, absorbent, and strong, and it gets stronger in conditions where other fibers wilt from the elements. While other fibers may be important, in […]

Uses of Cotton

Uses of Cotton

Cotton has played an important role in human history ever since it was first used, which anthropologists date back to prehistoric times. The most widely used fiber in the world […]

What Is a Natural Fiber?

In the world of fibers, certain terms are used loosely, especially in product marketing. The term “natural fiber” is such a term, and its meaning has been stretched in the […]