What is a Micronaire in Cotton, and Why Does it Matter?

Cotton Harvester

One of the more technical terms that come into play with cotton is the word “micronaire.” While many farmers and manufacturers are probably familiar with this measurement, many are not. It’s worth exploring, simply because micronaire is one of cotton’s most important properties.

Know Your Fibers: The Difference Between Cotton and Polyester

difference between polyester and cotton

In the latest installment of our Know Your Fibers series, we’re taking a look at two of the dominant fibers used in multiple industry applications: cotton and polyester. Most people know that cotton is a natural fiber and polyester is a man-made, synthetic fiber. These differences are just the beginning, however, so let’s take a […]

Know Your Fibers: Wovens vs. Nonwovens and Knit Fabrics

The goal of our Know Your Fibers series is to provide info about different types of fibers for our readers. In this post, we’ll take a look at how nonwovens compare to woven and knit fabrics. Just by using the word nonwoven, you know a nonwoven fabric is not a woven fabric. It is also […]

Non-Purified and Purified Genetically Modified Cotton (GMO)

gmo cotton seedling

Today we’ll talk about GMOs, which has obviously been a hot topic over the past few years. Obviously, we’ll focus on GMOs as they pertain to cotton.Let’s start at the most basic level: GMO is the acronym for a Genetically Modified Organism, which means that specific genes have been spliced into the DNA of the […]

Cotton Fiber Glossary

From the field to its arrival at Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, cotton goes through many steps before it arrives at our door. We illustrated the process cotton goes through – from the time it is picked to the time it is purified – in the cotton flow chart diagram below. The blue boxes represent the cotton […]

Understanding the USP’s Role in Cotton Fiber Purification

cotton cellulose polymer

Barnhardt Purified Cotton = USP Purified Cotton. At Barnhardt, we go to great lengths to ensure we provide purified cotton fiber of the highest order. By removing as much foreign matter as humanly possible (raw cotton comes with its fair share of field trash), we ensure a final product that meets the highest standards of  quality. Of course, […]

Why Cotton Fiber Strength Matters for Your Product

cotton towels

Cotton fiber strength is obviously important when it comes to choosing cotton for your next product. First, you have to determine if cotton, with all of its benefits, is in fact the fiber that will work best for your application. If it is, then you have to determine how strong the cotton needs to be. For example, […]

Fiber Expert – The Butterworth Files: Cotton in Absorbent Structures

Tony Butterworth: Fiber Expert

Our Expert Fiber Man video series features G.A.M. (Tony) Butterworth, who has worked for at least 50 years in nonwoven and absorbent technologies used in consumer, medical, and industrial applications. In the coming months, Tony will be featured in short videos that focus on cotton and its many applications and properties.