Fiber Expert – The Butterworth Files: The History of Cotton Safety

Tony Butterworth

Our Expert Fiber Man video series features G.A.M. (Tony) Butterworth, who has worked for at least 50 years in nonwoven and absorbent technologies used in consumer, medical, and industrial applications. In the coming months, Tony will be featured in short videos that focus on cotton and its many applications and properties.

When It Comes To Bleached Cotton, Labels Can Be Misleading

Cotton Label

One of the first things many consumers do when shopping for apparel or home furnishings is read the label to see what fiber a fabric is made from. The government has made this a requirement, per the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act (15 U.S.C.70), the Wool Products Labeling Act (15 U.S.C. 68), the Fur Products […]

For Adult Incontinence, Bleached Cotton Can Be Trusted

Adult Incontinence

Trust. For adult incontinence products, it simply has to start with that word. And no fiber is trusted more by consumers than bleached (purified) cotton. According to this 2012 article on, there are consumer-driven numbers that back up this obvious preference.

For Wet Nonwoven Wipes, Bleached Cotton Surpasses Its Peers

Hard Surface Cotton Wipes

Nonwoven fabrics are used in a number of wet wipe applications. The first use was in baby wipes; the fabric is saturated in a safe solution suitable for cleaning babies when the time comes to change their diapers. This cleaning aspect is now used in many applications, such as companion wipes to be used with […]

For Cotton In Femcare, It’s A Matter Of Trust

Feminine Care

For femcare, products must carry with them a sense of trust. Without that, any feminine hygiene product will fall by the wayside immediately. Purified cotton, over time, has garnered that trust from women. This starts with using Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) cotton, since that means that no bacteria or fungi are present in the fiber. And […]

When It Comes To Diapers, You Can Count On Cotton

Mother with baby

When you talk about baby diapers, the subject invariably turns to cotton. Why? First of all, cotton has been trusted for usage in diapers for hundreds of years, and customers prefer it. With customers always having the final say, we could pretty much end this conversation there.