Difference Between Biodegradable and Compostable

You’ve probably heard of people having composting bins in their backyard but why don’t people have biodegradable bins, too? Even though the words compostable and biodegradable seem very similar and some people use them interchangeably in conversation, there’s a key difference between the terms. 

Sustainable Cotton Farming

Sustainable Cotton Farming

Last month, we published an article about sustainable cotton and advancements being made by the cotton industry as a whole. Now we’d like to delve more deeply into a sub-topic that deserves a whole article of its own: sustainable cotton farming. The cotton farming industry has experienced huge success over the last several decades with […]

Plant-based Ingredients Increasing Role in Nonwovens

“Nonwovens” is a term used to refer to fabrics that are neither woven nor knitted, but rather bonded together by various chemical and mechanical treatments. These fabrics are specially engineered by entangling fiber or filaments mechanically, thermally, or chemically. Nonwovens have a number of applications in fields such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, farming, […]

The Eco-Friendliness of Hydrogen Peroxide

The Eco-Friendliness of Hydrogen Peroxide

People expect their cotton to be white. In fact, they want it very white, especially when it’s used in medical and nonwoven hygiene products. You may already be picturing a cotton ball, a baby wipe, or cotton rounds used for removing makeup. Many of us don’t realize that cotton isn’t ultra-white in the field. In […]

Manufacturers Turn to Natural Fibers to Meet Demand for Sustainability in Wipes

Manufacturers Turn to Natural Fibers to Meet Demand for Sustainability in Wipes

As with many businesses, the wipes sector is facing challenges on multiple fronts. Of particular concern for many discerning consumers and environmentally-focused companies is how the industry is striving to become more sustainable. Global brands and private label manufacturers are developing new products to meet new sustainability and biodegradability demands by consumers and government agencies. […]

Cotton LEADS – Who They Are & What They Stand For

Cotton LEADS & Barnhardt Purified Cotton

Since 2014, Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group has been an active member of the Cotton LEADS ™ program, as part of its commitment to responsible and sustainable cotton production. Today, the Cotton LEADS™ program has grown to almost 500 cotton producers, manufacturers, brands, and retail partners across 28 countries, all committed to responsible cotton production by […]

1st Quarter 2018 Cotton Economic Report

Despite catastrophic weather events, the US cotton yield showed a modest year-over-year increase  in 2017. Current price levels indicate that growers will continue to invest in cotton rather than alternative crops, while China’s impact on the 2018 market remains unknown..

The Journey of Cotton: An Introduction

The Journey of Cotton: How Cotton is Made

Today we’re excited to announce a new blog series from Barnhardt Manufacturing Company entitled “The Journey of Cotton.” This series will focus on the seven unique steps that it takes to process cotton, starting with the planting of the crop to the point it becomes a specific consumer product. To kick off this new series, […]

Sustainability: Cotton LEADS Update

u.s. grown cotton

Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group is an active partner of the Cotton LEADS™ program, which only reinforces our commitment to responsibly produced cotton throughout the cotton life cycle. We are joined by over 460 other global leaders throughout the cotton supply chain, including companies like Target, Kohl’s, Brooks Brothers, and, the latest member, Hugo Boss. The […]