Our Company, Beyond Bleached Cotton

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For obvious reasons, this space is most focused on our bleached cotton and the applications and products that it’s used in. But what you might not know is that Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group is comprised of other important business units, ones that also utilize the bleached and purified cotton produced by our two cotton bleaching locations in Charlotte, NC and Colrain, MA.

Carolina Absorbent Cotton

Carolina Absorbent Cotton has supplied high quality pharmaceutical coil to leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies around the world for over 50 years. This subsidiary produces cotton, rayon, and polyester coil for customers located in over 30 countries. While this all sounds convoluted, it’s not, and most consumers come into contact with this on a daily basis: this coil is inserted into bottles containing prescription drugs, popular vitamins, or even over-the-counter products, keeping them safe from moisture or breakage.

Richmond Dental & Medical

Richmond Dental & Medical is another Barnhardt mainstay, one that’s over 110 years old. It represents a brand recognized throughout the globe for high-quality single-use cotton products that have been utilized by dentists and physicians for many generations. This subsidiary manufactures and markets everyday products such as cotton balls, as well as producing many unique products that dental and medical professionals have valued for years.


PillowettesIntrinsics and its sister brand (Carolina Cotton) provide unique and high quality products that are used by salon and spa professionals across the United States. You’ve probably come across these products without knowing it, when you’re getting your nails done, having a facial, or receiving a waxing treatment. In many of these scenarios and more, rest assured that an Intrinsics product is being put to use.

Aside from these distinct Barnhardt brands we also “private label” popular products that are distributed throughout the medical, dental, and beauty industries. The moral of the story is clear: we’re willing to bet you’re coming into contact with our bleached cotton in some shape or form, even though you probably didn’t know it.

The question is, now that you know how prevalent it is, will you notice it more? Probably so. But if you need a refresher on all of our bleached cotton’s uses, check out our Products page to find out everything you ever wanted to know.