Consumer Spotlight: Corman

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This month we wanted to shine a customer spotlight on Corman, an Italian, family-owned company that was established by Corrado Mantovani in 1947 as a manufacturer of textile medical devices. Today the company is being led by two of Corrado’s sons, Guido and Giorgio Mantovani.

The company has adapted throughout its 70 years of existence, growing with the ever-changing markets. Corman has expanded from being a local company supplying the Italian market to now supplying their products globally. In the beginning, Corman supplied textile medical devices, but now has expanded into the development and supply of feminine hygiene, light incontinence, baby, and beauty products sold around the globe.

Standing at the Forefront of Pure Cotton Products

Corman leads the market with 100% pure cotton products that are hypoallergenic for women with sensitive skin. They started their feminine care business 25 years ago in Italy, where all their products are currently manufactured. They added incontinence products made from the same 100% pure cotton in 2009. The company is also a leading distributor of Omron and Medipresteril products, providing the market with electromedical equipment and wound care products.

In 2008, Corman noted the absence of 100% pure cotton feminine care and incontinence products in other global markets and have now expanded into over 30 countries. In addition to offering their proprietary Organyc and Cottony brands, Corman also private labels for key partners around the world. In 2010, Corman USA was established to provide these same 100% pure cotton products for feminine care and incontinence that were absent in the U.S. market.

Investing in Their Customers, And Sustainability

Corman’s mission statement is a testament to their commitment to customers and the environment: “Corman’s mission is excellence in development and manufacturing of feminine hygiene and adult light incontinence products, covering specific niches of the market—hypoallergenic pads, tampons and panty liners, 100% cotton-based, natural, certified organic and biodegradable products.”

Corman invests in both product research and development and technological process development. The mantra that drives Corman in these important areas of their business is a focus on their customer’s needs and protecting the environment. Corman continues to invest in the future of their business and are now building a new production hub supported by the newest technology available to support their growing 100% pure cotton feminine care and incontinence product business.

Fully Committing to Cotton—and Transparency

Corman believes in cotton for their products because of the unique fiber structure that creates a breathable and more comfortable surface than artificial fibers, which trap moisture and offer less ventilation. They believe that the natural softness of cotton, combined with its hypoallergenic properties, creates a safe and neutral pH for the skin—especially for those with sensitive skin. In fact, Corman has found that 63% of women have skin sensitivity issues.

Corman also believes the consumer deserves to know what is in their products; that includes why the materials are included, and what function they perform. The company is proud to have the Cotton Seal on the packages, which signals 100% cotton throughout their products.

In closing, the Mantovani brothers believe “The development and launch of a full range of natural 100% cotton products has successfully met current and emerging market trends in consumer goods. Corman’s contribution to sustainable practices in the industry remains an important part of our mission and we are eager to continue developing and manufacturing products that provide real benefits for the consumer and the environment.”

Corman has long recognized the value of providing quality products for women with sensitive skin which led to the creation of their own line of 100% organic cotton products under their Organyc brand. Organyc has been thoroughly tested by gynecologists and has proven to provide complete protection for women’s sensitive skin. To learn more about this exciting product line, visit

Barnhardt Purified Cotton

Barnhardt Purified Cotton is honored to be a supply partner with Corman in developing innovative and sustainable products that make consumers’ lives better. To learn more about Corman and their products, visit