For Cotton In Femcare, It’s A Matter Of Trust

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For femcare, products must carry with them a sense of trust. Without that, any feminine hygiene product will fall by the wayside immediately. Purified cotton, over time, has garnered that trust from women. This starts with using Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) cotton, since that means that no bacteria or fungi are present in the fiber. And our time-tested TCF process ensures that the raw fiber has been whitened properly, which gives cotton its healthy and aesthetic appeal.

Long a staple as a liner in panty hose and panties, cotton carries the types of qualities that matter most to women. Cotton is safe and hygienic, making it ideal even for those with sensitive skin. The fact that cotton comes directly from nature only increases that trust. But where cotton truly excels is in its performance.

Why Cotton Works Best For Femcare

To say cotton is skin-friendly is a serious understatement. Cotton is renowned for helping to alleviate skin irritation or pesky rashes, and its breathability contributes to this trait. Since it wicks away moisture and is skin pH-compatible, comfort with cotton is never a concern.

Performance also carries over to absorbency; cotton is highly resilient. The fiber offers quick liquid uptake and retention, and surprisingly becomes stronger when wet. For femcare, this can make a significant difference.

One of cotton’s most underrated characteristics is its invisible nature. It can do its job without being intrusive. Aside from being incredibly soft, cotton doesn’t stick to skin and collapses without creating any sharp creases. These may seem like simple traits, but when it comes to femcare applications like panty liners and sanitary napkins, they’re critical.

The Femcare Future Is Even Brighter

New Barnhardt cotton technology such as HyDri™ and HiLoft™ are also raising the bar for femcare uses. Standard bleached cotton is hydrophilic—as we noted above, cotton can absorb liquid quickly. But our HyDri™ cotton is hydrophobic, making it perfect as femcare cover stock.

HiLoft™ can be used as acquisition distribution layers, whether an absorbent or nonabsorbent cotton fiber is desired. HiLoft™ also creates up to 50% more filling capacity than traditional cotton fiber, providing quicker recovery while adding loft and bulk.

As you can see, when it comes to cotton, we don’t rest on our laurels—even though it is customer-preferred, and has been for quite some time. Really, we view our job as keeping it that way—especially when it comes to cotton in femcare.

To learn more about these cutting-edge products visit our product page, or to learn more about cotton in general check out our new Cotton Library.