Cotton Supply Chain [Infographic]

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In the past we’ve discussed cotton vs. rayon at length, but today we’re going to focus on the supply chains of the two fibers. Using the map below, you’ll instantly see a huge difference between the two supply chains; one fiber is harvested and converted right here in the good ol’ US of A, while the other travels around the world before making its way here.

While much of the feedstock to produce rayon is produced from trees grown and pulped in Africa or South America, afterwards it’s shipped to Asia or Europe for conversion to rayon. Only after those steps—steps with many miles between them—does it find its way back stateside.

Cotton, on other hand, has a simple, homegrown supply chain. Like with most things, seeing is believing. And seeing rayon’s long and winding supply chain proves that it’s hardly a sustainable solution.

cotton supply chain