Living In A World Of Wipes

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The Barnhardt Natural Fibers team is excited to be attending the WOW Conference in Minneapolis this June. Why? Because we welcome the opportunity to share studies relative to enhanced performance with cotton in wipes, and discuss how we can work together to create product differentiation and competitive advantages—with our bleached cotton—for you. Of course, we’re going to do a little bit of that here, too—just so you’re ready beforehand.

The Airtight Case for Cotton in Wipes

Hard Surface Cotton WipesWhether you need mainstream or specialty wipes, cotton is basically a magical fiber, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too. Cotton’s unique structure as a natural fiber offers enhanced scrubbing ability (for wiping and cleaning) versus other fibers, plus it delivers that desirable cottony softness that consumers love. Cotton even gets stronger when wet (enhanced tensile strength), which is a big benefit, too.

In fact, one of America’s leading retailers, Target Stores, is a big advocate for cotton and showcases it (look for that Seal of Cotton on the pack) in their most successful Up & Up baby wipes brand, which is one of America’s best-selling store brand wipes.

We’re Prepared To Be Wowed

New breakthroughs are still being made relative to cotton for hard surface cleaning. In fact, a paper related to this topic will be presented by the USDA at the WOW Conference, and we can’t wait. Per the conference website, these are the events we’ll be attending, and the topics that will be covered:

  • Data on the ever-growing wet and dry wipes markets
  • Branding strategies for Generation Y
  • Implementation strategies for gaining the trust of U.S. and U.K. retailers
  • Sustainable options
  • Wipes markets and users
  • Flushability
  • Technical specifications
  • Sneak peek of INDA’s Wipes 101 Training Course
  • Dining with Industry Thought Leaders
  • Tabletop displays and receptions
  • The winner of the World of Wipes Innovation Award™

That’s an impressive list, and we look forward to learning a lot.

We’d Love To Wow You Ourselves

Of course, as we mentioned from the start, we love meeting with existing clients, and with new ones. We’re always willing to make the case for cotton.

Please e-mail Stacy Glover at or call her at 704-405-4052 to arrange a meeting. In the meantime, check out our new and informative website to learn a lot more about the advantages that bleached cotton provides in wipes.