Organic Cotton Products Spotlight: Organic High Q® and Organic UltraClean Cotton Comber

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We recently discussed some of the advantages that organic cotton has over conventional cotton. While growing organic cotton faces some challenges of its own—such as higher associated costs and lower current market share—we’re committed to providing organic cotton product options for as many applications as possible. Right now, we have two in our arsenal.

Option #1: Organic High Q®

For nonwoven applications, our High Q® cotton represents a premium choice with a wide range of benefits, from superior absorbency to a high level of purity to impressive wet strength. Our organic version carries the mantle proudly, and meets the necessary requirements to receive Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Oregon Tilth, and USDA Organic certifications.

Option #2: Organic UltraClean Comber

UltraClean Comber is different in the sense that it is a textile-derived byproduct from organic yarn manufactures where short fibers are removed (combed) from the longer fibers. These short fibers are purified and suitable for use in nonwovens. Though a recycled product, it’s processed to get rid of the micro-fibers that create dusting in processing. Ultimately, the improved openness of Organic UltraClean Comber optimizes processing on nonwoven lines.

What Are the Key Attributes of Our Organic Cotton Products?

These two organic cotton products have the following traits and advantages:

    • They originate as high-quality virgin staple cottons sourced from globally certified organic farms or textile mills.
    • They offer reduced linting due to short fiber removal through our proprietary fiber cleaning process.
    • They possess high wet strength, as well as a high level of purity.
    • They offer a very low bioburden.
    • They meet certification for most global requirements (GOTS, Oregon Tilth, USDA Organic).
    • Their fibers are finished with soap made from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ palm oil.

Really, organic cotton has many of the same customer-preferred qualities that conventional cotton does. It’s just a more sustainable fiber solution, one that uses less resources while remaining pesticide-free.

What Applications Can I Use These Organic Products For?

When paired with our Total Chlorine Free (TCF) purification process, organic cotton is great for any applications that need its safe-for-skin softness and comfort. It is ideal for anyone who has sensitive skin—and specifically for the following applications:

    • Feminine Care
    • Baby Care
    • Adult Incontinence
    • Personal Care
    • Beauty
    • Health Care

Keep in mind these are just a few options where our organic cotton products can be utilized. Apparel is another example of an application where organic cotton is popular with consumers.

Check Out Organic Cotton for Yourself

We offer free sample requests to anyone who would like to check out our organic samples—or any samples, really. By completing our simple form, you’ll be able to receive samples with 7-10 business days. From there, you can decide which of our organic cotton products you prefer, and what application you’d like to use it for in your next product.

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