At PLMA, HiDri™ and HiLoft™ Make a Lasting Impression

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It’s tough to beat spring in Amsterdam, especially when some of the most elite manufacturers tout their latest innovations and products. PLMA’s 2014 “World Of Private Label” International in Amsterdam May 19-21 was a very robust and exciting trade show for store brand products and manufacturers. As you might know, store brands are much more dominant in Europe than in many other parts of the world, with retailers and suppliers taking great pride in the quality of their product offerings.

Meeting with customers old and new

Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group has many business partners in Europe. That’s why we sent a representative to meet with our valued customers—and prospective ones, too—to discuss the many advantages of cotton for their products, as well as our latest innovations. The greatest buzz surrounded our new HyDri and HiLoft™ cottons, as well as our 100% cotton wipes.

The case for HyDri™

At PLMA International there was keen interest in new HyDri™ hydrophobic cotton for femcare cover stock, diaper, and incontinence top sheets, and for good reason. Barnhardt innovation has overcome the problem of cotton’s wetness against the skin for these types of applications. HyDri™ is 100% hydrophobic, dry against the skin, offers the softness and comfort of cotton, is breathable, and is a natural fiber. These all represent great enhancements, especially when compared to the extruded films and poly-based materials that are typically used in most of these products today (and that are less eco-friendly, too).

The case for HiLoft™

Our HiLoft™ cotton also garnered interest. This high-bulk, high-resiliency cotton with enhanced wicking and liquid dispersion properties is perfect for distribution (ADL) or surge layers in femcare, diaper and incontinence products—as well as great for wiping products. At Barnhardt we like to think of new HyDri™ and HiLoft™ cottons as a “perfect pair” working in tandem to keep women, babies, and incontinence suffers dry and comfortable with the cottony soft feel of cotton.

The case for 100% cotton wipes

Last but not least, there was also interest in our 100% cotton Intrinsics wipes that Barnhardt sells to the professional beauty and spa industry. These offer high quality and freshness, and are ideal for cleansing and exfoliating the skin during facials or before waxing. Also, this pack features a unique closure that is very, very chic.

That’s the scoop on our PLMA experience in Amsterdam. As always, we welcome the opportunity to work with companies interested in our latest cotton innovations for femcare, diapers, incontinence, and wipes. Only cotton offers the traits that consumers love most: dryness, softness, comfort, and breathability.