Why Purified Cotton in Baby Wipes?

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Cotton has long been associated with durable products used for washing, bathing, and cleaning our skin. Have you ever used a polyester washcloth or a rayon washcloth? In all probability you haven’t—and there are reasons you haven’t. So we wash with a cotton washcloth and then we dry off with, of course, a cotton towel as well. But why are washcloths and towels made from cotton?

The Advantage of Cotton Washcloths and Towels

Think about the attributes of the cotton washcloth; it has just the right amount of friction to remove dirt, make-up, or any other substance on your skin. The cotton washcloth also works well with any bar soap or liquid soap product you can imagine since the cotton fiber gets stronger when wet, while other fibers like rayon become weaker. The towel is also made from cotton because it removes the water from your skin, all while feeling great against your skin.

Baby Wipes: Doesn’t Purified Cotton Make More Sense?

So why aren’t most baby wipes made from purified cotton? The reality is that most baby wipes are made from wood pulp, polyester, or rayon because the fibers are less expensive. The baby wipe manufacturers use the lotions or liquids in the canister to remove the mess from the baby’s bottom. The fabric is essentially a carrier for the lotions, and in some cases the lotions create rashes. Doesn’t it make more sense to use natural, water-based solutions that allow the fabric to do all of the cleaning work, just like our washcloths? Isn’t this the safest cleaning surface for your baby’s sensitive skin?

The Stats Don’t Lie, Especially About Purified Cotton

In studies conducted by Independent labs, cotton wipes consisting of purified cotton outperformed rayon wipes by 16%, polyester wipes by 30%, and wood pulp baby wipes by 38% in the removal of artificial fecal matter. Cotton has a history of safety going back over 500 years.

Biodegradability Is Yet Another Advantage of Purified Cotton

Purified cotton brings even more to the table when it comes to baby wipes. After the used cotton wipe is disposed of and sent to the landfill, it will be long gone in 30 days because it is biodegradable. Isn’t that better for this world we live in than a baby wipe made from polyester that will still be here 100 years from now?

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