Purified Cotton for Meeting Consumer Hygiene Needs: The Story Behind Organic HyDri®

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Consumer demand for organic cotton has been increasing for the last several years, and so has the demand for cotton on the surface of hygiene products. At the intersection of these two demands has been a previously unmet need, so Barnhardt recently jumped into the market with our new Organic HyDri® Purified Cotton.

Purified and whitened cotton for hygiene products is a match made in heaven.  Purified cotton is known for being hydrophilic or absorbent, however, topsheets in hygiene products need to allow fluids to pass through, while remaining dry to the skin for consumer comfort.  Since the advent of disposable diapers, panty liners, and pads, the manufacturers have made topsheets from either extruded films or synthetic fiber, with the surface engineered to allow fluids to pass through. While these films were relatively inexpensive and remained dry to the touch, they were much like the plastic wrap used for covering our leftover meals. Studies have demonstrated that these synthetic designs actually trap moisture, potentially creating problems for babies and women with sensitive skin.


Thus, the need developed in hygiene products for a natural fiber—one with consumer familiarity—that’s also commonly used in our apparel next to the skin.  One of the main reasons people have used cotton through the centuries is because it naturally wicks moisture away from the skin and allows the skin to breathe in those sensitive places covered by hygiene products.


In response to the need that went unmet for many years in the marketplace, Barnhardt developed HyDri® for conventional cotton that has been purified, yet remains dry to the touch for topsheets in hygiene.  It can also be incorporated into other parts of the baby diaper, such as the backsheet, for touchable softness.  Furthermore, this breakthrough fabric has demonstrated enhanced skin safety and comfort for women in the topsheet for both panty liners and pads.  


Given the increasing consumer demand for organic products in food, apparel, and now hygiene products, Barnhardt recognized yet another unmet need leading to the development of  Organic HyDri®.  The organic products niche has now found its way into the hygiene market with organic cotton topsheets & organic tampons.  While organic tampons require absorbent organic cotton, as discussed earlier, the topsheets for panty liners and pads need to be hydrophobic which Organic HyDri®  uniquely delivers. hen paired with Barnhardt’s new EVŌCTM system(Enhanced, Visual, Opening and Cleaning system)  our Organic HyDri® Ultra product provides the ultimate, purest and optimally cleaned organic cotton fiber on the market today,   


Now hygiene manufacturers are able to obtain the finest quality raw material on the market—for either absorbent or non-absorbent requirements—to deliver purity and whiteness that customers of hygiene products have come to expect. Visit this link to more information on OrganicHyDri®  and product samples.