Rando Machine Chooses Barnhardt Bleached Cotton

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An industry pioneer who began designing and manufacturing air laid feeders and webbers (and other related machinery) in the late 1940s, Rando Machine Corporation offers quality, innovative fiber preparation and web formation machines that create high-quality webs from the widest array of natural and synthetic fibers. (Yes, that’s a technical mouthful.) Why are we leading off today talking about this long-term industry stalwart? Because we’re excited to announce a new partnership with them.

An Exclusive Arrangement

To support their operation, Rando Machine has a pilot line to showcase and demonstrate the ability of their cutting-edge equipment. The big news for us is the company has chosen to use only Barnhardt quality bleached cotton in their pilot plant. Current customers and potential customers interested in using Rando Machine equipment to produce cotton containing nonwoven fabrics now have the opportunity to prove their ideas and concepts in the lab, and we’re beaming with pride that they’re trusting our bleached cotton within this state-of-the-art proving ground.

A Long Track Record of Innovation

A recognized leader in manufacturing feeders and webbers, Rando Machine complements its modern web formation by adding fiber preparation equipment such as bale-breakers, openers/blenders, and pre-feeders that offer a more effective approach to fiber applications. The company has a rich history of innovation, and now has a new manufacturing location in Macedon, New York (near Rochester). Their new home is ultramodern, and consolidates all of their New York efforts into this one centralized facility. Simply put, their air laid non-woven machine capabilities are unrivaled.

Our Own History of Innovation and Collaboration

As a supplier of bleached and purified cotton fiber used to produce nonwovens for a variety of applications, Barnhardt is always on the look-out for new opportunities and partners. With a history that dates back to the turn of the 20th century, much like Rando Machine we’ve been specialists in our field for quite some time. If you’re interested in our product line, or how our cotton can be used for your specific application, we’re always all ears. Feel free to request a quote or a Safety Data Sheet.