Replacing Rayon with Purified Cotton in Nonwoven Manufacturing Is Easier than You Think

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It’s come to our attention that many think there are challenges when it comes to replacing rayon with Purified Cotton™. Today we wanted to dispel that myth. If you use rayon either at 100% or in a blend with other fibers to produce nonwoven fabrics, you may be able to replace it with Purified Cotton™ without making a single change.

In Many Cases, Purified Cotton™ Can Be Easily Substituted

If the rayon you are using is 1 to 2 inches in length and 1 to 2 denier, then consumer-preferred Purified Cotton™ can be a drop-in substitute—often with no changes needed in equipment, machine settings, or production rates. If you are using rayon that has longer length or higher denier then you can still substitute Purified Cotton™ in its place. Doing so many times will just require changing the settings on the equipment and/or adjusting production parameters.

Purified Cotton™ Offers Built-In Advantages, Too

Nonwovens fabrics produced using Purified Cotton™ instead of rayon offer improvements of many fabric properties. Cotton is stronger than rayon, so the fabrics produced will be stronger. Cotton has the unique property of becoming stronger when wet so if the fabrics are used to wipe up liquids the wet fabric will be stronger. If used in a pre-saturated wipe, like a baby wipe, it will also be stronger. Tests have shown that hydroentangled fabrics containing cotton are softer and have better cleaning ability (Gardner test method and ASTM D6702-01 Dirt removal test method). Purified Cotton™ offers all of these benefits, along with its superior consumer demand and biodegradability.

Let Us Know of Potential Replacement Opportunities

We hope you’ll be willing to give Purified Cotton™ a try if you haven’t already. Replacing rayon may be easier than you think. Knowing that, along with cotton’s inherent advantages, means that you owe it to yourself to see if your nonwoven manufacturing need—and ultimately the consumer product created—can be greatly enhanced. To see other reasons why cotton may be used instead of rayon, visit our “Cotton vs. Rayon” blog post. Also, you can always feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.