Our Company, Beyond Bleached Cotton

Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group

For obvious reasons, this space is most focused on our bleached cotton and the applications and products that it’s used in. But what you might not know is that Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group is comprised of other important business units, ones that also utilize the bleached and purified cotton produced by our two cotton bleaching […]

When It Comes To Wipes, Often It Gets Personal

Gentle Cleansing Towel

Here we talk a lot about the different applications for bleached cotton, and one of those uses is in hard surface wipes. However, one application that often gets overlooked is something extremely similar: wet wipes for personal care.

For Adult Incontinence, Bleached Cotton Can Be Trusted

Adult Incontinence

Trust. For adult incontinence products, it simply has to start with that word. And no fiber is trusted more by consumers than bleached (purified) cotton. According to this 2012 article on healthcentral.com, there are consumer-driven numbers that back up this obvious preference.

Welcome To Our New Bleached Cotton Website

Barnhardt Bleached Cotton Homepage

Here at Barnhardt Bleached Cotton we’re excited to announce our new Bleached Cotton website. Today, the site—along with our new blog—has gone live, and we couldn’t be prouder about it. As the leading producer of all grades of bleached cotton fiber, we have put our extensive knowledge of cotton into the new website.