6 Steps to Finding the Right Partner for Your Next Innovative Product

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When it comes to the most innovative products, most companies will readily admit that without strong partnerships, their products never would have made it to market. The right consultant, manufacturer, or marketer can sometimes make or break an enterprise. An inventive consultant can provide pre-launch expertise, a sharp manufacturer can shave time off production, and a […]

How to Give Your Customers What They Want Before They Know It


The most innovative companies don’t have crystal balls. They don’t hire prophets, or consult oracles. While the year-over-year profits and rising stock prices of these businesses may seem effortless, there’s genuine strategy and expertise behind their success. At the heart of that success is having a clear understanding of what their customers want before they […]

5 Ways to Differentiate Your Product and Leave Your Competition Behind


Differentiating your products sounds great on paper. However, it’s much harder to put into practice, especially without a definitive strategy, and especially if you’re an established business. Turning on a dime to fill an industry void takes a commitment from every division of your company, from those who toil away in R&D to the marketing […]