Debunking Myths About Bleached Cotton Sustainability


There have been claims that growing cotton uses too much water, pesticides, and energy, and that it also takes land away from food crops and reduces air quality. With the advent of modern farming techniques and practices, those myths can be busted. Let’s look at each of them, one by one.

With Cotton LEADS™ Program Cotton Inc. Charts A Path We’ll Follow

Cotton Leads, partner of Barnhardt Purified Cotton

At Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group, we’re excited to announce that we’ve joined the Cotton LEADS™ program. In October of last year, Cotton Australia and Cotton Incorporated released a press release announcing a joint program “to raise awareness of the responsible growing practices among cotton producers in Australia and the United States.”

Cotton’s Simple Supply Chain

cotton production map

First off, we hope you’ve taken the time to check out the Sustainability page we recently created for our new site. Not only is this page a wealth of cotton sustainability information, but we also made sure to cover all of you visual learners out there with a few infographics that provide quick snapshots of […]