The New and Improved HyDri

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Barnhardt Manufacturing has delivered the latest breakthrough in purified cotton with the release of its new and improved HyDri®, available in both conventional and organic varieties. 

The home of high-performance purified cotton, Barnhardt has developed a proprietary process for cleaning and purifying cotton fiber without stripping away all of its hydrophobicity. The new and improved HyDri® is the cleanest, purest, and whitest hydrophobic cotton fiber available in the market.


Even Better than the Original Hydrophobic Natural Fiber Leader

The new and improved HyDri® is 35 percent more hydrophobic than the original purified cotton fiber from Barnhardt, setting a new standard for moisture management applications with natural fiber. 

HyDri® promotes the design of nonwoven fabrics to meet the joint challenge of softness and comfort, while also managing and controlling moisture. Through a unique, proprietary purification process, Barnhardt is able to retain the fiber’s natural oils and waxes. 

In fact, HyDri® remains hydrophobic even after the most strenuous hydroentangling processes. It’s strong, too–as with all cottons, HyDri® gets stronger when wet and withstands even the most taxing hydroentanglement processing. 


A Natural Solution to Replace Manmade Fibers

Consumers want natural fibers, and they want natural without compromising comfort or performance. The new and improved HyDri® is specifically designed to replace synthetic and manmade fibers traditionally used in hygiene and personal care products. The replacement is a natural solution that is soft, pure and white. HyDri’s high degree of hydrophobicity means that nonwovens stay dryer and more comfortable through the softness and breathability that consumers can only get from natural cotton products.  

Whether it’s conventional or organic HyDri®, improved comfort and performance means goodbye, artificial and hello, natural. 


Multiple Market Applications

Natural and organic HyDri® varieties are ideal for multiple nonwoven applications, especially those where comfort and performance are non-negotiable. We see HyDri® applied to hygiene products, both in topsheets and backsheets, as well as ADL wipes, beauty, and personal care. 

HyDri® fits all of these needs because it retains and gains the right properties during purification. It’s hydrophobic for controlling moisture, while it’s also super-soft for comfort and strong for durability (and gets even stronger in use when wet). Consumers love that HyDri® is safe, breathable, and hypoallergenic, for the most sensitive next to the skin applications in feminine and baby care, as well as adult incontinence and beauty.

Manufacturers and consumers alike will enjoy using a high-performance fiber that’s easier on the environment, taken from fast-renewable resources to create end-products that are biodegradable and sustainable. 


The New (Old) Leader in Hydrophobic Performance: HyDri®

For all of your needs for an elite fiber for uncompromising moisture management, reach for HyDri®, now improved and still available in both conventional and organic options. Get superior comfort, and performance, as well as a more sustainable supply chain and user applications that meet consumer demand for natural, green products.