The Use of HyDri® Cotton in Feminine Care and Baby Care

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The world of feminine hygiene and baby care products has not always been a happy one. Consumer research (from Cotton Incorporated and other industry stakeholders) has shown that women, many of whom are also mothers, have experienced irritation, painful skin rashes, and even infections from the industry’s use of extruded films and artificial fibers used in topsheet applications for products like panty liners, feminine pads, and diapers.

Consumers clearly desired a better choice, demanding an alternative that would be more comfortable, breathable, safe, and natural, without sacrificing performance. The market spoke, and Barnhardt answered.

In 2014, we introduced HyDri® to the market. HyDri® is a hydrophobic (non-absorbent) purified cotton product designed specifically as a replacement for synthetic fibers or extruded films traditionally used in nonwovens substrates for topsheet applications. In the field, cotton is naturally hydrophobic. Consumers typically think of cotton as being absorbent, but that’s only possible after raw cotton has been purified. During purification, the natural oils and waxes are removed from the individual fibers, eliminating the cotton’s natural hydrophobicity and enabling the fiber to be absorbent.

Our proprietary process purifies the cotton while retaining the oils and waxes, providing nonwoven manufacturers and ultimately consumers with a product that features multiple design and performance attributes while delivering unparalleled softness and comfort, Made from natural, high-quality staple cotton, HyDri® offers superior whiteness. Hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin, HyDri® is safe, with unmatched purity and stellar breathability.

Several years ago, a visionary hygiene manufacturer in Italy capitalized on the development of HyDri®, and launched the first feminine pad with this product. Corman recognized the opportunity to integrate 100 percent, hydrophobic cotton substrates into their feminine care topsheets. Now, both conventional HyDri® (made from conventional cotton grown in the US) and Organic HyDri® (made from organic cotton grown in the US) are finding their way into both feminine hygiene and baby care products around the world. Barnhardt has continued to incrementally improve this great product over time while responding to unique market needs around the globe.