Why Use Purified Cotton™ in Topsheets for Feminine Hygiene Products

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It should come as no surprise that women are pretty particular about the feminine hygiene products they use. When it comes to panty liner and feminine pad topsheets, we’re also discussing some of the most sensitive areas of the body. While we’ll get into the fiber preference statistics in a minute, we’ll begin by discussing the difference between Purified Cotton™ and synthetic fibers, since that goes a long way toward explaining customer preference.

The Problem with Synthetic Fibers

First let’s discuss what is commonly seen in panty liner and feminine pad topsheets today. Most products on the shelf (outside of Asia) contain 100% synthetic fibers, or even an extruded film that is in the layer just next to the skin. The layer next to the skin in these products is referred to as the topsheet. These plastic films or synthetic fabrics trap moisture, creating an unhealthy environment that can lead to rashes, or, in some cases, even create infections. These products don’t allow these sensitive areas of our bodies to breathe, thereby trapping any moisture.

The Advantage of Purified Cotton™

Cotton, on the other hand, has long been used for our most popular underwear products. Why? Because cotton breathes and supports skin health even in the most sensitive areas of our bodies. Purified Cotton™ has long been recognized as soft, comfortable, and absorbent, which is why a Purified Cotton-based topsheet is the optimal choice for femcare products. Interestingly, in a recent survey by Cotton Incorporated, they found that the primary drivers for feminine hygiene products are comfort, softness, and being hypoallergenic; in addition, performance drivers such as absorbency, dry skin, functionality, and leak prevention matter, too.

Spoiler Alert: Purified Cotton™ Is Customer-Preferred

Consumer surveys continue to support the fact that women prefer cotton in their hygiene products. For example, based on a recent Cotton Incorporated survey, over 60% in the U.S., 58% in Europe, and 64% in China believe their products are made from cotton. Up to 80% globally say they are interested in buying their hygiene products made from cotton. Luckily, shoppers are becoming more savvy—and more aware—about what is in the products they buy. The time for Purified Cotton™ in feminine hygiene products is now.