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At Barnhardt, We Hold Ourselves to a Higher Standard

Barnhardt Manufacturing CoWe have a long and storied history when it comes to cotton. Over a century ago, Barnhardt Manufacturing first opened its doors in 1900 as a supplier of layered cotton batting, horse drawn buggy seats, and filler for quilts and comforters.

While this aspect of the cotton business later evolved into North Carolina Foam Industries, the textile side of the company grew to meet the demands of an exploding purified cotton market.

We’ve Been Meeting Cotton Demands for More Than 100 Years

Old Building1929 marked a turning point for our company: we built our original cotton purifying facility that year, just as the Great Depression started. Half a century later, in 1979, we built a brand-new purifying facility, and then had to expand it again only a decade later.

Obviously, the need for cotton that exhibited the highest quality and the greatest performance continued to flourish, and we delivered it by developing into a major global provider of purified cotton.

We’ve Provided The Purest Cotton for More Than a Century

Barnhardt Family PhotoFrom 1899—when Thomas M. Barnhardt first founded the company—to today, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company has always been a family-owned company proud of its past, but one that continually looks to the future.

Our mission, from day one, has been to hold the highest standards of quality, maintain our customer commitments, and support our local community. With our two state-of-the-art facilities we have the largest purified cotton capacity in the industry, and thanks to our skilled and long-tenured employees we are able to offer excellent and consistent quality for our customers.

Customized Cotton Is Our Specialty

Bales in warehouseWhat also separates us from our competitors is that we don’t provide you with approximate cotton fiber solutions. We provide you with exact cotton fiber solutions.

That capability comes from the highest knowledge of cotton in the business, from its genesis in the field to its usage by consumers. Because no one knows cotton like we do. And we have more than a century of experience under our belt to prove it.

Environmentally Friendly Fibers

At our Kinston Fibers regin facility, we purchase cotton gin motes, soft textile mill waste, sample loose and staple cotton to reclaim these by-products for use in our purified cotton fiber products. With over a century of manufacturing experience, we’re able to convert by-products like gin mote fiber into valuable material for nonwoven products.

Environmental Health & Safety Mission Statement