The Cotton FAQ

Did You Know...?

From a 480 lb. bale of cotton you can make...
  • 215 Jeans
  • 249 Bed Sheets
  • 409 Men's Sports Shirts
  • 690 Terry Bath Towels
  • 1,217 Men's T-shirts
  • 1,256 Pillowcases
  • 2,104 Boxer Shorts
  • 2,419 Men's Briefs
  • 3,085 Diapers
  • 4,321 Mid-Calf Socks
  • 6,436 Women's Knit Briefs
  • 21,960 Women's Handkerchiefs
  • 313,600 $100 Bills
Cotton is grown...
in 80 countries.
The US is the biggest exporter...
and China is the biggest importer of cotton.
The word “gin” in cotton gin...
was shortened from the original cotton “engine”.
The first evidence of cotton farming...
dates back 7000 years to the Indus valley in India.
Amount of arable land...
used worldwide to grow cotton is 2 to 2.5%.
Insecticides usage by USA cotton producers...
has declined 50% over since 1990.
Over the last 25 years...
water used for cotton has been reduced 45%.
Cotton is a perennial shrub...
but is it is primarily grown as an annual crop, this helps to prevent the build up of pest population.
Cotton is planted...
in the spring and plants need some 100 days to mature, with a total growing cycle from planting to harvest of 6 to 7 months depending on varieties and growing conditions.