Organic HighQ®

Superior Certified Organic comber and staple cotton for Nonwoven Fabrics

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Organic HighQ product sheet coverIf you’re looking for the very best in quality and performance for nonwoven applications, look no further than Organic HighQ®, only from Barnhardt Purified Cotton.

Organic HighQ® is long staple, certified organic fiber, mechanically processed and ready for a variety of applications due to our industry-leading purification process. This fiber is optimized even for the lightest of nonwoven fabric weights, which means Organic HighQ® is peerless with regard to quality and versatility.

Quality, Performance, and Purity

Our processing team has developed Organic HighQ® from both high-quality virgin staple cotton and high-quality short staple cotton, to impart both softness and strength. Organic HighQ® boast reduced linting due to the short fiber removal during our proprietary fiber cleaning process, purification. This process yields a fiber with very high wet strength, along with low bioburden, since purification rids field cotton of its accumulated bacteria.

The Organic HighQ® blend achieves a high level of purity that meets certification requirements for many global regulatory bodies. In addition, Organic HighQ® is fiber that’s finished with soap made from Rainforest Alliance Certified, all-natural palm oil.

Certified organic to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) standards, Organic HighQ® is made from cotton grown in the United States, known worldwide for quality. Organic HighQ® has superior openness to enhance processability for organic nonwoven applications.

Versatile Application in Personal Care Products and More

With unparalleled performance and purity, and with a healthy nod to the environment, Organic HighQ® sees wide use in a variety of industry applications. Industries served by Organic HighQ® include feminine care, adult incontinence, baby care, health and beauty, industrial, agricultural, geo tech, and filtration.

Market applications in these industries include everything from tampons and hard surface wipes to products used for roofing, erosion control, and air, water, and oil filtration.

For Those Who Want the Best in Certified Organic, All-Natural Fiber

Organic HighQ® is the answer for product developers looking for a smaller environmental footprint without sacrificing quality, performance, and purity. This proprietary fiber blend, only available from Barnhardt, delivers the purest American cotton grown on GOTS-certified farms. Organic HighQ® meets all USP/EP/JP and pharmacopeia standards for purified cotton.

If you’re looking to convert or launch a product with a renewable, all-natural fiber with high absorbency rate and retention, get Organic HighQ® from Barnhardt Purified Cotton.

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  • High Quality Virgin staple cotton sourced from globally certified organic farms
  • High Quality short staple cotton sourced from globally certified textile mills
  • Reduced linting due to the short fiber removal through the Barnhardt proprietary fiber cleaning process
  • High Wet Strength
  • Low Bioburden
  • High level of purity
  • Meets certification for most global requirements
  • Fiber finished with soap made from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ palm oil

Recommended Applications