Organic HyDri® UltraClean®

Organic White Hydrophobic Cotton

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Organic HyDri UltraClean product sheet An innovative, natural fiber solution for moisture management applications, Organic HyDri® UltraClean® allows nonwoven fabrics to be designed with the softness and comfort of COTTON which manages and controls moisture. Purified to retain the fiber’s natural oils and waxes, Organic HyDri® UltraClean® remains hydrophobic even after the most strenuous hydroentangling processes. Replace synthetic and manmade fibers traditionally used in hygiene and personal care products with a NATURAL solution that is soft, pure and white – Organic HyDri® UltraClean® Purified Cotton.

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  • IMPROVED DURABILITY – withstands rigorous hydroentangling processes

  • MORE HYDROPHOBIC – over 35% more hydrophobic than previous

  • NONABSORBENT – hydrophobicity promotes dryness and comfort

  • WHITE & NATURAL – replaces synthetic and manmade fibers in nonwoven applications

  • ORGANIC & CONVENTIONAL COTTON – purified with GOTS approved chemistry


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