UltraClean® Comber

Superior Short Staple Cotton for Nonwoven Fabrics

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UltraClean comber product sheet cover Short staple cotton that fits the Eco label as a textile derived byproduct that is recycled back into nonwoven fabrics. This superior comber product has been processed to remove the micro-fibers that create dusting in processing. The improved openness of the UltraClean® Comber optimizes processing on nonwoven lines.

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  • High Quality Cotton comber recycled from textile mills producing 100% cotton yarns
  • Exceptional whiteness & cleanliness
  • Reduced linting due to short fiber removal in Barnhardt process
  • High level of purity
  • High Wet Strength
  • Low Bioburden
  • High Absorbent Rate & Retention
  • Safe for discerning applications

Recommended Applications