Cotton Safety

Safety First? No Fiber Is More Reliable.

technology-safetyCotton, a natural fiber, obviously provides exceptional comfort. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be found in so many products that come in direct contact with your skin.

However, cotton has a long and storied history of safety, too. And since safety and comfort make for an ideal match, customers trust cotton when it comes to apparel, critical medical products, and time-tested personal and household goods.

For centuries, cotton has been used to cleanse our skin because of its purity and unique fiber structure, and today women prefer cotton hygiene products because of cotton’s unrivaled track record of safety. When it comes to trust, no fiber has earned more than cotton.

We’re Pharmacopeia Approved The World Over

US PharmacopeiaWe’re proud to say that the cotton purified using the Barnhardt process meets the safety requirements of most global government and private entities. Our fiber complies with all the specifications set forth by the US, European, and Japanese Pharmacopeias for purified cotton. These fiber requirements include pH, amount of water soluble and fatty matter extractable materials present, color, foreign material, and absorbency. This testing is required for cotton that will be used in medical and surgical procedures.

Totally Chlorine-Free Means Worry-Free

Total Chlorine FreeAll fiber produced at Barnhardt is produced without the use of any chlorine, which makes our process Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF). Not only does this create the safest cotton since there’s no chance of dioxins, but is also better for the environment, too. With over 80 years of experience purifying cotton with great precision, Barnhardt has a well-documented history of safety.

100% Barnhardt, 100% Organic

gots-logo_rgbWhen using organically grown fiber our process can be adjusted to allow the fiber to qualify for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seal as a 100% Organic Product. The GOTS certification is an internationally recognized symbol of organic integrity, providing a system that combines strict production standards, on-site inspections, and legally binding contracts to protect the producers and buyers of organic products.

We’ve Received The Oeko-Tex Seal Of Approval

Oeko-Tex Standard 100Certain Barnhardt cotton products have also received the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 seal. The Oeko-Tex label indicates the additional benefits of independently tested safety for skin-friendly clothing and other textiles for end users. The test label provides an important decision-making tool for purchasing textiles, and is further proof that Barnhardt is committed to cotton customization, especially when it dovetails with customer safety.