Purified Cotton Fiber Advantage

Cotton Fiber: Safe, Trusted and Consumer Preferred.

babyBefore we ever place our hands on it, cotton is already a true miracle borne directly from nature, and has been for thousands of years. It’s relied upon in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and has plenty of personal and home-care applications as well.

In fact, since purified cotton fiber can be used in so many different ways, most people come into contact with this wondrous fiber in some shape or form each and every day due to its reliability and versatility.

Clothing has been made from cotton for centuries. Bath towels and washcloths have been, too. Why? Because of cotton’s unique cleansing and absorption capabilities, and because it maintains a soft touch to our skin.

But cotton has a perfect harmony of features, which is why consumers prefer it to other fibers.

What Other Fiber Becomes Stronger When Wet?

Cotton StrongWith its distinct ability to absorb and release liquid, along with the fact that it becomes stronger when wet, purified cotton has woven its way into uses that we often take for granted, such as for baby care and personal hygiene products.

Whether utilized as the perfect delivery system for moisturizers, or as wet wipes bolstered to handle tough clean-ups, cotton is always trusted to get the job done.

What Other Fiber Is More Trustworthy?

Cotton bandageOf course, cotton is so prevalent in our daily lives due to its unsurpassed history of safety.

What other fiber can claim to be naturally hypoallergenic? What other material can come into contact with your skin, while also being trusted within critical medical devices?

Combined with our prudent chlorine-free purification process, our purified cotton can be designed specifically for any of your product applications.

What Other Fiber Is More Sustainable?

With cotton—and this won’t come as a surprise—it only gets better. While fibers such as rayon require greater amounts of energy and chemicals to create a completed product, the cotton process is far simpler, with fewer steps.

Plus, the fact that cotton is biodegradable in septic, sewage, and waste disposal systems makes it an eco-friendly fiber.

Natural cotton fiber is the rare fiber that can maintain this delicate and sustainable balance.